Agenda 2-0 devient / becomes
Agenda 2-0 devient / becomes

how to test the software

You are a teacher; you wish to test the software on the teachers' side.


- Log on to the software (click on "TEST").

- Select an interface language.

- Click on the green button (teacher side).


A sample group of three students has been associated to the demonstration agenda. Have a look at the work they have done.

You can now browse through the software and try the different functions and applets available.

Users are normally allowed up to 15 different agendas with as many as 24 work sequences for each agenda.

In the demo, only 1 work agenda is available and no more than 2 sequences can be used.

You may not delete or alter sequence 1, which is provided as a sample, but you may create an agenda for sequence 2, to test the software, and delete or alter the data entered by visitors in sequence 2 to test the software. All other sequences are closed.

Remember that the demonstation @genda is open to all visitors. It is recommended to delete any material you have uploaded before logging out.



You may also wish to use the software as a student.


- Click on the green buton (student side).


Test the tool-box freely. Do not leave any sensitive information in the notepad.

You are welcome to use the forum, feed the vocabulary list, upload documents to the file-box, change the data in the language portfolio.

There again, remember that this student's module is open to all testers. Do not leave any material that you do not wish to be made public.

The author cannot be made responsible for messages or material posted on this sample agenda or the forum.


Licence to use the software

Using this platform is free of charge. It will remain so in spite of the costs of hosting and maintenance during the testing period. Then a small sum may be charged to the school or university wishing to use it, depending on the licence they will choose, in case more costly hosting facilities are required.

Teachers wishing to get an access code are kindly requested to indicate what sort of licence they need when they open an account.  The number of users (teachers and students) will be limited depending on the licence.

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