Agenda 2-0 devient / becomes
Agenda 2-0 devient / becomes

a follow-up tool for teachers

Actilablang allows teachers to follow up the work of their students at any time.

A complete history of their activities is recorded, including the date and time at which they accessed every tool and the time spent reading documents or completing exercises, or the number of words recorded or modified in their vocabulary list.

Exercises included in their work agendas can be made with the in-built generator, or with the modified version of HotPotatoes (c) accessible from the main menu of the software, which allows Actilablang to record the time spent doing the exercises and the scores.

Teachers can view and correct the vocabulary lists, the students' notes, and upload the documents recorded in the file-box. They can also ask the students to record their voice with the recorder provided in the tool-box and upload the audio file to the file-box, or by recording a video e-mail whose link they will place in the file-box.

They can write advice and asessments in a notepad while browsing through the students' homework or during oral presentations in class. Their notes can be made available to the students by ticking a box. These notes can be jointly written by teachers sharing the follow-up of a group.


Teachers can also make contact individually with their students via e-mail, or the video chatroom or even by opening the class's interactive virtual whiteboard, as the names of the students currently online appear in red in the list and they can send them an alarm requesting them to connect themselves either to the chatroom or to the whiteboard.


The advantage of having access to the homework of students is that teachers can correct mistakes found in their work in progress, before they are recorded in their long-term memory when they use their notes for class-work. Moreover, teachers can advise students to focus on certain types of mistakes and direct them to online grammar lessons or other learning tools individually when needed.

Following up the work of students may be time-consuming but experience shows that students knowing that their work is (supposedly) constantly being monitored tend to pay more attention and simply to do what is expected from them, since they know that evidence of their work will be available.

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Licence to use the software

Using this platform is free of charge. It will remain so in spite of the costs of hosting and maintenance during the testing period. Then a small sum may be charged to the school or university wishing to use it, depending on the licence they will choose, in case more costly hosting facilities are required.

Teachers wishing to get an access code are kindly requested to indicate what sort of licence they need when they open an account.  The number of users (teachers and students) will be limited depending on the licence.

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