Agenda 2-0 devient / becomes
Agenda 2-0 devient / becomes

technical limitations

Poor wi-fi connections

The only technical limitation is the availability and reliability of wi-fi connections, mostly when the software is used in contact teaching. A poor wi-fi connection may slow down the display of pages or cause the loss of data and require reconnection. That is why confirmation is always requested when the students wish to save their notes. If they are correctly displayed in the pop-up window, they have been correctly uploaded; otherwise, the user needs to copy them to the clipboard before he/she reconnects and can save them again.

Access to tools

Users must keep in mind that some of the tools provided are hosted on web servers which are beyond our control and may sometimes prove unavailable for reasons of maintenance. Furthermore, no guarantee can be given that they will remain accessible and free of charge in future, in which case alternatives will be offered.


Although multiple tests have been made with Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, the software may not be supported by other browsers.

Please note that the Appear-in videoconferencing system only works with Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. An alternative system is provided for Windows 8RT-operated tablets (Surface) which do not support other browers than Internet Explorer.

The new version for i-Pads only supports Google Chrome and Mercury. Safari does not allow smooth scrolling in divs and has been excluded.

Java, Javascript & Adobe flash-player

Adobe flash-player is also required. Most laptops are equiped with it but users must make sure that it is activated and has been updated.

Javascript: Make sure that the Javascript engine present in the computer is activated.

Pop-ups must also be allowed.

Use on tablets

The interactive whiteboard and video emails will work on tablets using Windows 8 RT including the ooVoo chatroom but the Appear-in videoconferencing system is not supported by IE, which makes it impossible to run on Surface tablets.

i-Pads do not support Flashplayer, but a special version has been developed offering the same features, including the interactive whiteboard. A Mailvu applet will be automatically installed for video e-mails at a click of the mouse. The inconvenience is that it cannot open in the same screen as the notepad, but the Eyejot module will do the job. 

Licence to use the software

Using this platform is free of charge. It will remain so in spite of the costs of hosting and maintenance during the testing period. Then a small sum may be charged to the school or university wishing to use it, depending on the licence they will choose, in case more costly hosting facilities are required.

Teachers wishing to get an access code are kindly requested to indicate what sort of licence they need when they open an account.  The number of users (teachers and students) will be limited depending on the licence.

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