Agenda 2-0 devient / becomes
Agenda 2-0 devient / becomes

Have a look at the slideshow, then test the software. This presentation is in English, it is also available in French. It still refers to @genda 2-0 but will soon be modified with the new name Actilablang.

I am sorry that no presentation is available in Spanish, even though the interface comes in Spanish too.




@genda 2.0 slideshow.

Licence to use the software

Using this platform is free of charge. It will remain so in spite of the costs of hosting and maintenance during the testing period. Then a small sum may be charged to the school or university wishing to use it, depending on the licence they will choose, in case more costly hosting facilities are required.

Teachers wishing to get an access code are kindly requested to indicate what sort of licence they need when they open an account.  The number of users (teachers and students) will be limited depending on the licence.

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