Agenda 2-0 devient / becomes
Agenda 2-0 devient / becomes

ACTILABLANG - a collaborative e-learning platform for languages

Actilablang is a language e-learning platform, doubling with a mini multimedia lab. It allows students to work on line and teachers to follow up on their work, on line as well.
It includes a tool box that comes complete with dictionaries, lexicons, text-to-speech modules, and resources of all sorts, all of them accessible online for free.
It will help foster interactivity through video-conferencing and the use of an interactive virtual whiteboard.


Actilablang has a double function: online learning, and follow-up. This is achieved through two modules: one meant for students, and one for teachers. It is user-friendly and requires no more than basic computer literacy.

Actilablang targets multiple audiences. It has been developed for universities and high schools, to provide an online environment for both contact and distance teaching.
It is also great for off-site learners, out of reach of traditional e-learning programmes. The software can thus be used to enhance cooperation with developing countries, to teach sick children in hospitals or at home, or even jailed students, through interactive one-to-one teaching.


Teacher users can very easily implement teaching scenarios including assignments, documents which will open in the main window on the screen, and online exercises associated to web-pages, pictures, videos or audio recordings.


Students will be expected to build up vocabulary lists (possibly in different languages), jot down reading notes and upload their own production (texts, slideshows, recordings, video emails, etc.). They may create exercises for their class, just as their teacher, and easily transcribe videos or sound files convertible at a click into gap-fill exercices. They will also have a chance to open and fill in a portfolio of languages to self-assess their competences.


Teachers will be able to monitor and possibly correct the vocabulary list, notes and uploaded documents, make contact individually or collectively and use Actilablang either as a complement to contact teaching or as a platform for online teaching. It is also great for reversed classes.

Licence to use the software

Using this platform is free of charge. It will remain so in spite of the costs of hosting and maintenance during the testing period. Then a small sum may be charged to the school or university wishing to use it, depending on the licence they will choose, in case more costly hosting facilities are required.

Teachers wishing to get an access code are kindly requested to indicate what sort of licence they need when they open an account.  The number of users (teachers and students) will be limited depending on the licence.

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